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Thanks to new functionality, false news on Google will not have as much influence as before.

Fake news, or fake news, has become one of the biggest impediments to being informed in the 21st century.
The proliferation of articles that directly invent what they are talking about is certainly disturbing.

Fake news, the great problem of 21st century journalism

This is not a funny couple making jokes; The recent US elections showedthe true power of fake news .

The Internet was full of bullshit, to each one more crazy, that in spite of everything many people continues to believe. And of course, Google became the ideal medium to distribute and give credit to this false news .


A simple search for the name of a politician like Obama gave as a result all kinds of false news; From his “true” nationality to romantic scandals or political decisions he had never taken.

The fight against fake news is complicated; It is easy to fall into the temptation to block or erase them, but that would be to do just what their creators want, so they can cry out “censorship” and persecution of “truth .

Fact Check, fighting false news on Google

The solution that Google has developed against fake news is different. It’s called “Fact Check ,” and it’s about labeling the news that appears in Google News and Google’s search.

After an initial trial period, from now on this functionality will be available worldwide and in all languages .

fake-newsThe verification of facts consists in showing a counterpoint to the information that appears when doing a Google search.

For example, if we look at Oreo and there is news that cookie designs and symbols are associated with worldwide conspiracies, a “fact check” from Snopes.com will inform us that this is false.

Snopes.com is one of the most popular fact verification websites, and deals especially with sensational and viral news . It is not the only one that will appear in the results, and Google has explained in its official blog how any publisher can corroborate the information that is; An algorithm will determine if it is an accredited source of information .

Fake-newsWithout a doubt, this functionality will be very controversial. There will be those who consider that Google is censoring, or it is helping those who actually publish false news .

But what is clear is that something had to be done, seen some of the results that sometimes appear in their search.


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