A revolutionary invention that will allow us to listen to music without using headphones thanks to sound stimulation through the bones.

Wearable technology is the order of the day. As we have seen in Wesharethis.com previously, these are normal-looking garments but hide between their seams cutting edge technology that can help us perform our work or simply enjoy certain aspects of life in a more comfortable way, For example, of these revolutionary lenses.

Bone conduction system

These glasses are characterized by allowing us to listen to music without using headphones thanks to sound stimulation through the bones. Normally we can find the technology of the conduction bone in gadgets destined for medical uses, but, little by little they are also being incorporated to other accessories like these glasses.

The system of bone conduction spectacles Zungle emits waves thanks to which we can feel the music through the skull bones and listen to our favorite artists without using traditional headphones.

They have Bluetooth 4.1 and integrated microphone

The glasses are equipped with a connection system Bluetooth 4.1 with which to be linked to any smartphone, computer or tablet … able to emit the audio signal. The range of the Bluetooht is about 10 meters away at most.

In addition, it has an integrated microphone so that we can respond to the calls and messages we receive. Both music and phone calls can be controlled by a touch system or a controller button located on the outer edge of the right leg, depending on the model you want.

In the articulation of this same pin, the glasses have a hidden micro USB 3.0 port with which to recharge the battery. It has about four hours of autonomy and needs less than an hour to be charged and accompany you anywhere.

Zungle, allows a configuration to suit the consumer thanks to the wide variety of options it raises. The collection allows to choose between 7 colors of lenses and 5 different mounts, reason why the glasses conjugate the last one in technological development and fashion.

Promising, but …

But it goes without saying, bone conduction technology was created to help people with certain hearing problems and not for the reproduction of music. So, although it may develop and improve over the years, the quality of sound at the moment does not reach the excellence of a good headphones or helmets.

Of course, for people who use the bicycle as a means of transport within the congested cities, this audio system would allow them to listen to music without losing a sense as important when driving as the ear.

These glasses that Zungle brings us could be a gadget worthy of being worn by MartyMcfly, Michael J. Fox in “Back to the Future,” but in real life the glasses pose a number of issues. When using them, would it be possible to drive with these glasses on? If we already isolate ourselves from the world with our smartphones, could these glasses isolate us even more from the rest of the world?

On the other hand, it seems difficult that with this invention we can get to totally ignore the traditional headphones so useful in work environments. But, yes, it will be possible to enjoy a walk or play sports without getting entangled between the cables.


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