The P9 is a device with an excellent finish. It is the finest you can find and its cameras do not stand out anything, not like the S7 or the iPhone 6s. Accompanying this great hardware we have some functions that you should know. These tips are for the Huawei P9 and P9 Plus but some of them also work on the P9 Lite.

Customization tricks

Enable application panel

Thanks to the arrival of Nougat you can configure an application panel in the Huwei P9 family. To do this you have to go to  Settings> Home screen style. 

Huawei P9 app drowerEMUI 5.0 introduces the application drawer!

Change language drag and drop

Just go to Advanced Settings> Language> Add language , so we can configure the system with more than one . If you want to change the language you only have to drag it up, so the system will change automatically.

P9 languageMoving from one language to another is easy!

Control notifications

Another interesting feature within ‘Admin. Of the tel. Is the ‘Notification Center’, you can also access via Settings> Notifications and status bar> Notification Center. Here you can configure notifications for each of the applications, from allowing them to control where they are displayed.You can block notifications in the status bar, banners, and lock screen.

Other customization options

There are many customization options hidden in the P9 and P9 Lite. Here’s a summary of the steps you can take to modify other options:

  • Quick settings: Just swipe your finger from top to bottom in the notification bar and click on the pencil icon. This allows you to change the settings you want to appear.
  • Navigation buttons: Settings> Navigation buttons
  • Font size: Settings> Display> Font size.
  • Color temperature: Settings> Display> Color temperature.
  • Brightness: Settings> Display> Brightness.
  • Status bar: Settings> Notifications and status bar> Show operator name and battery percentage.
  • Wallpapers, widgets and transitions: in the home screen hold your finger in any empty space or pinch, the corresponding menu will open.

Huawei P9 tips and tricksMenu to customize the wallpaper, widgets and transitions.

Software tricks

Search Bar on Home Screen

Very useful option to find from files that we have in the phone to applications. Just slide your finger from the center of the screen from top to bottom. A search bar will open and access to the latest applications.From there you can search from contacts to music, videos, messages and other files.

Huawei P9 tips and tricksAn easy way to find anything on your smartphone.

Screen shot with two taps

Making a screenshot is as simple as that on the P9: tap twice on the screen with the finger knuckle. Easy, right? Of course there is also the traditional option of pressing the power button and volume down.

To activate this function, enter Settings> Smart Assistance> Motion Control and activate the Screen Capture option .

Huawei P9 tips and tricksScreen shot instantly. 

Open WhatsApp by drawing the letter W on the screen

WhatsApp is probably one of the applications that you use most frequently during the day. You can open WhatsApp quickly by drawing your initial on the screen with the finger knuckle.

If WhatsApp is not one of your favorite applications do not worry, you can now adjust the applications to open with gestures in  Settings> Smart Assistance> Motion Control> Draw  choose a letter and change the application of your choice.

Huawei P9 tips and tricksDraw a “W” on the screen to open WhatsApp in an instant.

Quick access from the lock screen (Quick Launcher)

This is a function that have all the editions EMUI, the layer of personalization of Huawei. From the lock screen, we can access some quick settings and functions by swiping from the bottom of the screen up. To activate the flashlight or the calculator. 

It will slide a menu that reminds a lot of iOS with access to the recorder, calculator, flashlight, camera and settings. The remaining controls are for controlling the cover image of the lock screen.

In the lock screen also a quick access to the camera directly appears, you just have to touch it and pull up to open the camera.

Program the smartphone on and off automatically

By going to Settings> Smart Assistance you will find this option, perfect for those who prefer to turn off their terminals at night, but at the same time they want it to be turned on in the morning so that the alarm can sound and thus avoid the risk of being late to the School or work.

Optimize the system

The Huawei P9 has advanced management to free the memory of temporary files of the system and applications, like for example the images of preview of applications like Instagram.

Enter the application called ‘Admin. Of the tel. And choose ‘System Optimization’ here. A preliminary analysis of the system cache and applications will be made for unnecessary files. Once the analysis is finished we will be able to choose which files and which applications we want to delete.
Optimize p9Above shows the total size of the temporary files and the size of the files that we are going to delete. Once you have chosen what you want to delete click on ‘Clean’.

Above we have the symbol of a nut to access more settings where we can activate an automatic cleaning, activate a reminder, activate the notification if the device works slowly or manage from which applications we never want to delete the cache.

Block apps with PIN

In the ‘Admin. Of the tel. We found an option to be able to protect applications with a PIN. In Google Play there are several applications that allow us to do this but Huawei has included it directly in the system.

Enter ‘Admin. Of the tel. And move the icons to the right. Of the new ones that appear choose ‘Application Lock’. The first thing is to enter a PIN to activate the function that will be the same that will ask us to unlock the applications.

Once the PIN is configured we will have the entire list of installed applications. Just select the applications you want to protect and next time you ask for the PIN.

Securing applications against background locking

Within ‘Admin. Of the tel. And next to the option of ‘Blocking applications’ we find ‘Protected applications’. It does not refer to password protection if not to the protection of its operation in the background. When you turn off the screen of the Huawei P9 applications hibernate to not consume energy. When you mark applications in this list you are allowing them to also run when the device is locked with the screen off.

P9-multiwindowReleases energy saving applications. 

Tag applications you want to receive notifications even though the terminal is idle like email, social networks and messaging applications like WhatsApp.

WiFi +

This option allows you to have perfect compatibility between mobile network and WiFi connection so you always have a smooth internet experience. With this function your device will activate the WiFi when it is in known places and will turn off the WiFi if the router does not have internet connection.

Activate Multiventana

To activate the double window in the P9 and P9 Lite you just have to hold the multitasking button for a few seconds. This will split the screen into two with a blue line. In the center of it we will see three points that when clicking on them will open a menu that will allow us to invert the windows or close them.

P9-multiwindowWith a tap, you can invert the order of apps displayed 

Use two WhatsApp or Facebook accounts

With the update to Nougat and EMUI 5.0 has appeared the option of ‘Twin App’ that we could already see in the Huwaei Mate 9. Through it we can use two different accounts of the same application. We’ll find this option under Settings> Twin App .

App-twinTwo WhatsApp accounts are possible with the Huawei P9 and P9 lite!

Use smartphone with one hand

Although the P9 and P9 Lite are easy-to-use handsets, we can always improve the experience through this option. To activate it you have to go to Settings> Smart Assistance> IU a hand> Mini-screen view. Once activated you only have to slide your finger from side to side in the navigation bar.

huawei p10 plus
 use with an integrated hand! 

Voice control

In Settings> Smart Assistance we find the option ‘Voice control’. To activate this option we will have to repeat three times ‘Okay emy’. Once configured to wake up the device we will have to repeat these two words.

With this function we will be able to quickly call a contact from the phonebook by pressing the volume down button and when the device is listened to we will say the name of the contact we want to call. We can also pick up calls with this control. At the moment the control language only works in English.

Camera Tricks

Browse faster in the Gallery

Huawei has done a good job in this section. Surely your gallery is a mix of vacation photos, with work, friends and so on. To make it easy to search for a particular photo or simply to navigate faster between them, both phones offer a very simple yet effective function.

Just open one of the photos saved in and make a pinch. The photo will shrink and you can move sideways to both sides comfortably.

P9 tips and tricksEasy and quick: find that photo of the rich tapas the other day. 

Start the filters in the style of Instagram

For those who enjoy decorating their photos with filters, Huawei has implemented this feature within the same camera software. Just choose the scene to shoot, click on the three circles and you will see nine different modes of filters at the moment.

Quick photo from screen off

If you need to take an image instantly without losing a second to unlock the smartphone, you can configure the volume button to help you in this task. With a quick double-click on volume down the P9 or P9 Lite will take a photo immediately, focus on what you can before pressing because it is very, very fast.

P9 tips and tricksDouble-click the volume down to take an image off the screen! 

Activate the camera’s pro mode

Activating the manual mode is very simple although it does not seem very intuitive. You only have to pull up the white bar that appears above the trigger button on the screen. Now we will see all the manual controls that the camera supports.

P9 tips and tricksCamera in PRO mode. 

Now if we slide from the right edge to the center we will have the camera settings in which there will have appeared some more like the RAW format and the horizontal level.

Bokeh effect

This is a novel effect that includes the Huawei P9. To activate it we have to be in the automatic mode and to the right of the flash control there is an icon with the shutter symbol. When pressed, this mode is activated to take shallow-field shots in which the foreground is focused and the background is out of focus.

This effect is done by software and still lacks a polish. Therefore I advise you to make sure that the foreground is well focused.

P9 tips and tricksBokeh effect. 

Power Saving Modes

To reach the power modes we can enter Settings> Advanced settings> Battery manager or enter the ‘Admin. Of the tel. And click on the battery icon. Here we can choose the energy plan between three: Performance (games and videos), Smart (for daily use) and Ultra (cuts all connections and only lets you receive calls and messages).

Top right we have an icon to access more settings among which I will highlight the possibility of closing apps that are literally eating your battery.

Do you have any more trick for the P9 you want to share?


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