LG has a huge mobile catalog.From the powerful LG G6 to mid-range smartphones specializing in multiple features. Today it is about analyzing the LG X Power 2, the second generation of the LG mobile that promises outstanding autonomy in a price content and without leaving aside the other specifications.

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I’ve been testing it for a week and here I bring you the analysis of the LG X Power 2. I also had the opportunity to test the first model which has allowed me to see to what extent it has evolved and where it continues to have the same problems. Let’s see.

LG X Power 2, technical specifications


In this second generation we move from the 5.3 inches of the first model to a 5.5 inch screen, a much more usual size to see in other devices. It holds that if the resolution, which remains HD.

16GB of storage, 2GB of RAM and an eight-core MediaTek processor. Its specifications are also similar to the original LG X Power. At this point LG has been very conservative and has simply upgraded the CPU to the equivalent model this year.

The LG X Power 2 is a renewal with larger screen, updated processor and camera with more megapixels

The design changes slightly. The first model was very pleasant in hand and light, in this we have a somewhat larger screen, a half centimeter more in thickness and a weight that despite being still light as it grows from 139g to 164g .

DisplayYes there is one aspect that LG wants to highlight and it’s the battery. We went up from 4100mAh to 4500mAh and the rapid charging system was improved. It is not the only mobile phone we have seen with these numbers, but we are grateful that there are smartphones that offer something above 3000mAh which is usually the average nowadays.

SCREEN5.5 inch HD, In-cell Touch technology
PROCESSORMediatek MT6750 Octa-core 1.5 GHz Cortex-A53
MEMORY16GB + microSD / OTG up to 2TB
BATTERY4500mAh with fast charge
REAR CAMERA13 megapixels with LED flash
FRONT CAMERA5 megapixels with wide angle lens
DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT154.7 x 78.1 x 8.4 mm and 164 grams
CONNECTIVITYLTE, Wi-Fi (802.11 b, g, n), Bluetooth 4.2, gyroscope, USB 2.0
VERSIONAndroid 7.0 Nougat
Matte black, glossy black, gold and blue.

The multimedia section is still not their strong point. We found a 13 megapixel sensor and f / 2.2 aperture while on the front we have a 5 megapixel camera with wide angle. Then we will see the photographic results, but looking at the cold numbers we did not notice great improvements with respect to the original model and would have really been interesting to have seen them.

In terms of connectivity and software we found what was expected.The latest version Android Nougat, LTE, Bluetooth 4.2 and USB on the GO. No USB Type C momentary trail.

Sober on the outside, empty on the inside


LG introduces us a mobile with a huge battery in a plastic body with metallic touches thought to be light. They want to transmit the sensation of a standard mobile and in no time we will realize when we have it in hand that inside it keeps a battery of great capacity. However to achieve that effect the materials chosen are not precisely the most premium.

LG sacrifices premium materials to get a lighter mobile

That ultraligereza of the first generation has been lost, but if we compare it with its competition the LG X Power 2 continues leaving well stopped. It incorporates a generous battery for its size without being of heavier. Other models like the Motorola are going to 5000mAh but its weight also rises significantly. On the other hand are the models with 100% metal body, which will inevitably weigh more.

DIMENSIONS154.7 x 78.1 x 8.4 mm155 x 77.5 x 9.6 mm149.5 x 73.7 x 8.6 mm155 x 75 x 7.99 mm151 x 76 x 8.5 mm
WEIGHT164g (Plastic)198g (Plastic)148g (Metal)180g (Metal)165g (Plastic)
SCREEN SIZE5.5 “(69% ratio)5.5 “(69.4% ratio)5.2 “(67.7%)5.5 “(71.7%)5.5 “(72.7%)

SoundThe rear has changed roughness but is still not metallic. Yes we have some metal lines on the edges to at least offer a more sober design. The cover is not removable, we will place the SIM and microSD card in the left side, where we will also find the volume buttons. On the other side, we have only the one on / off. I would have liked to have them on the same side but it is already a personal matter.

The back of our LG X Power 2 is a dark blue color that gives it a very good look. Simple, but with a curious bright touch. It is all well integrated and only slightly protrudes the rear camera, located in the upper center. Below we have the speakers , some that sound good but with the discomfort of having to leave the mobile face down if we really enjoy them.

Lg X Power 2 LateralAlso comment that the oleophobic layer could be more effective, since the mobile has facility to attract the traces after a while of use. In terms of resistance the LG X Power 2 gives us good feelings. It is a magnet for the prints and after a few hours of use can even give a feeling of grease. Nothing to do with the cold feel of the metal. Come on, we win in manageability but we lose in premium sensations.

In hand it feels good and is not slippery, although the back cover is a magnet for the prints

Lower capIn the lower frame we have the 3.5mm jack, the microphone and the USB port to charge. Up only the micro noise reduction. The front aesthetic is simple, with the LG logo also on the bottom and the front camera, the headset, the front flash and the proximity sensor on the top.

The mobile can be used correctly with one hand. It is not the most ergonomic but has rounded points and not being so heavy it fits quite well. Besides it is not slippery , something that I missed after trying so many mobiles that seem to fall out of hand.

With the brightness to the maximum we will enjoy better of its screen

Lg X Power CoverIt is not normal to see at this point a mobile with a screen of 5.5 inches that only has HD resolution. That is quite noticeable, since the pixels can be seen with relative ease and it considerably worsens the experience with the terminal. The automatic adjustment of the brightness as is usual in LG tends to leave the screen quite dark and the crystals reflect quite the light, so when we go outside in full sun we should put the brightness to the maximum or we will have problems.

It is an IPS LCD panel that occupies 69.14% of the body of the LG X Power 2. The viewing angles are acceptable and the tactile response is good. We understand that they want to keep the HD screen to gain autonomy, but in my case and I think that enough is preferable to some more quality of image even if it is to lose slightly in battery.

LG could have incorporated a panel with better viewing angles, color and brightness, although it would still be HD

Knowing the good screens that LG is able to realize we do not understand how in its range of entry neglect both this section. We would have preferred to maintain that diagonal of 5.3 inches of the original model or if they rise to the 5.5 inches that at least the panel improves, but then clear would change the price and the overall sense of the device.

MediaTek is more than enough for most aspects

Performance LgThe LG X Power 2 incorporates a MediaTek MT6750 processor, where we move from the four cores to the eight cores at 1.5GHz with a Mali T860MP2 GPU. Frankly, the mobile works properly when what we are testing are basic applications or surf the internet, but to which we open more complete games we notice a certain lag. It’s not worrisome since unless you’re a gamer you will not be bothered, but there it is. Right here is when we appreciate having an HD display since with a FullHD the lag would have been more noticeable.

The mobile works fluidly, but when testing more complete games are noted its limitations

In the different benchmarks made the LG X Power 2 achieves acceptable results. Here we compare you with other mobiles of its range, we have chosen terminals of similar power although some of them do not possess the autonomy of which we do enjoy here.

PROCESSORMediatek MT6750Mediatek MT6750Snapdragon 430Mediatek MT6737
GEEKBENCH (SINGLE / MULTI)595/2315601/2527628/2557634/2147

To accompany we have 2GB of RAM, the usual in these mobiles. We do not miss more, since the personalization layer works well. For internal memory we have 16GB expandable via microSD up to 32GB, also fairly standard.

Battery that lasts and lasts and lasts

Lg X Power 2 BatteryWe reached the key point of the LG X Power 2, the autonomy. We have 4500mAh non-replaceable with quick charge via microUSB 2.0 that theoretically promise 26 hours of calls or 19 hours of web browsing . We have been testing it for just over a week and what we have seen is quite variable, but all results to an impressive level.

The LG X Power 2 is easily able to reach the end of the second day, and even take advantage of part of the third if we have used something less. Reaching 64% of the battery at the end of a long day is something that few mobiles can reach and that feeling of wearing it for an hour and not lower than 95% would not change it. I wish high-end phones offered a range equivalent to this mid-range, but of course, everything is at the cost of losing in other sections.

That feeling of reaching the end of the day worried about the battery and see that you still have more than 60%

PCMark is one of the key benchmarks for measuring autonomy. With 50% brightness we left it all night but it still did not fall below 20%, which is where the benchmark ends. In our case more than twelve hours, but stopping at 30% when several notices jumped and the test was stopped. If the LG X Power was around 15h, this LG X Power 2 would arrive at 4pm with ease . An overwhelming amount and we would say almost record in Android. In hours of use we mark 2 days, while we can easily upload from the 8h screen .

The only point where the battery leaves us some doubts is in the autonomy at rest. Here we are missing a smarter processor that is able to better manage these periods, still the LG X Power 2 will not fail us in battery in any case. During those two or three days of insurance we can find a hole to load it and we also have fast charge.

We would have liked to see USB Type C, but with the fast charge we will be less than two hours to complete the battery

This time the fast charge does work correctly. In just over half an hour we will reach 50%, after one hour we will be 70% and in just under two hours we will have completed the load . We would have liked to have USB Type C, but we think the weather is pretty convincing.

Nougat suits LG

Nougat suits LGAndroid 7.0 Nougat is the version that comes with the LG X Power 2. It is the least we can expect from a mobile presented in 2017, but we know that many others do not even incorporate it so minipunto for LG. We will see if you have the same luck in receiving the next updates, but for now we can rest easy and enjoy its innovations as the multi-screen, which works perfectly.

The personalization layer of LG I like quite a lot, it is colorful, it has the option of application drawer and it is quite customizable. At first it reminded me of those Asian layers, but it feels light and does not differ so much from the Android more usual. Of course, we have three versions: LG UI 4.0 with application drawer, easyHome for older people and Home, the version without drawer that comes by default.

We can modify the grid, choose between several dark themes, modify the font and size, read mode … the options are classic and welcome.The interface has light tones and comes with everything very well detailed, even we could say that some explanations are excessive.

LG UI 4.0 is simple, lightweight and moderately customizable

A feature that stands out is the Knock Code, allows you to unlock the mobile with a combination of ringtones. We find it rather slower than the unlock pattern, but it is a different method that one will enjoy. Nothing that makes us forget that it does not come with a fingerprint reader. We also have the famous Knockon from LG that allows us with two touches to wake the screen.

Beyond LG SmartWorld or LG Backup, all the preinstalled applications of the LG X Power 2 are quite obvious. We have the calendar application, file explorer, FM radio, time, tasks, music … many of them collide with those of Google but we understand that appear basic. LG introduces a layer of basic customization, with features that we will use and thank you not to come too overloaded, plus we give away 100GB of Google Drive for two years.

A much better camera than its predecessor

Nougat suits LGThe camera is one of the most conflicting points for mid-range mobiles and in this case also occurs. We have a 13 megapixel sensor with aperture f / 2.2 and LED flash , a priori should be enough but if we think how much it has improved the rest leaves us with more doubts. Just as we can already see excellent cameras on mobiles of about two hundred euros, in the case of LG X Power 2 your camera leaves us somewhat cold.

In full sunlight the results are acceptable. It takes a few seconds to focus but nothing remarkable. Not so with HDR mode, it will even show us a rather annoying message of “Saving …”. Accustomed to faster cameras (and I’m not talking about high-end cameras), we do not want to take more photos with the HDR.

Hdr Lg X Power 2The camera of the LG X Power 2 gives us sensations found: it is slow, but surprising in some complicated scenes

The daytime camera behaves well and surprisingly at night does not disappoint so much. This is where we notice the improvement over its first generation. The colors are good and the photos are perfect. Of the detail in dark scenes we forget best, but we understand. It also fails to create many flashes in intense light sources. Yet we can see an evolution that we value.

In the front camera we have a sensor of 5 megapixels with wide angle of 180º . It is thought to be able to make selfies in groups and portray us next to the surroundings. We have fixed focus but flashLED is added so that those selfies can also be in low light conditions. The application of LG for the camera allows us to create activators for selfie with a gesture like raising the hand and closing the fist, with the voice saying “Cheese” or equivalents and by face detection.

However the rest of the LG camera application does not have much mystery . We have timer, HDR, mirror mode, choose video format and photos and automatic filters in real time , very typical to create funny photos for social networks. Something basic, but it also did not make sense to add a pro mode to a camera that does not claim to be so acclaimed.

Lg X Power 2 Night


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