I use both WhatsApp and Telegram and one of the things I always miss in WhatsApp is the ability to send photos or screenshots quickly. For example, to send your last two photos you must touch Attach, then Gallery, then all the photos, make a long press and select the other photo.

In Telegram the process is much faster: press the Attach button, mark the two check boxes of the last photos and press Send. Now the process is somewhat similar in WhatsApp, so sending multiple photos is something easier and faster.

Send multiple photos from the camera

In theory, if you plan to send photos and not make a new photo, you should press the Attachinstead of the camera button, but since the last update of WhatsApp, it may not be the smartest option.

Although WhatsApp already showed you the last photos in a carousel in the interface to take photos, it was not possible to select several. Now, although it has a trick, you must slide the screen up to open the photo selection window, where you can select several with a long press.

Whatsapp message

So, try to remember it the next time you want to send more than one photo in WhatsApp. The fastest way is, from now on, through the interface of making a new photo and not from the one of attaching photos.
After going through the beta version of WhatsApp, multiple photo upload is available to all through the stable version.


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