The possibility of being able to record the PC screen is a more useful feature for all types of users, who can use it to report a problem, do a tutorial to teach some trick or for users more gamers, record games of their Favorite games and then share them on social networks like YouTube.

Whatever your need to burn the screen, we can always do it easily and quickly, thanks to the huge range of programs to record screens available ready to download on the Internet. However, this same offer can confuse the user, especially those who do not have a solid idea of ​​where to start.

Precisely, the idea of ​​this article is to guide the less experienced user in the task of finding an app to record the screen of the PC, and for that reason we have gathered those that we believe are the best applications of its type, and also all of them Free.

How to record the PC screen

As mentioned above, recording the PC screen is a simple task, for which all we will need is a program, a script, ie a document with the order of the actions we want to show in the video resulting from the recording Of the screen, and a little patience, since depending on the power of our PC and the duration of the video, may require some processing time.

The rest of the procedure is similar in all programs of this type, that is to say that once prepared what we have to show, we execute the app and press the button of recording so that the program begins to record the screen.

In case we have to add audio, we can also do it, since most programs to capture the screen of the PC are able to record the audio that takes the microphone of the computer.

Applications to record the PC screen

When we finish, press the stop button. Then comes the export to the video format we need, which can be AVI, MPEG or others. Also, if we require it, we can also edit it in some other external video editing program.

Now, the question that surely we ask is Which program to record the screen of the PC I choose?

The best program to record the PC screen

Without a doubt the best program to record the screen of the PC available today is CamStudio, a completely free app that allows us to record the screen of the PC including the audio coming from the microphone.

Some of the most remarkable features of CamStudio, and by which is considered by many as the best app to record the screen of the PC is that it allows us to record a part or the whole of the screen, the possibility of selecting the video codec Or audio in which to capture the screen, annotate, add a watermark and select the microphone input or system sounds as the sound source.

Applications to record the PC screen

Another very interesting feature, which will surely be very welcome for all those users who want to make screenshots in the best quality possible, is the incorporation of a lossless video codec, ie an uncompressed video codec, which Allows us to record the screen with the best possible clarity.

For all these features, CamStudio is one of the most recognized PC screen capture utilities used by professionals, YouTubers and hundreds of users in the world who see in the application a way to record what happens on the screen of the Computer easily and without complicating life.

Applications to record the PC screen

If you wish, you can download CamStudio for free by clicking on this link.

Other programs to record the PC screen

Despite the advantages offered by CamStudio, the fact is that it is not alone in the market, since there are many other alternatives that could be useful in the case that CamStudio does not fit our needs.

Hypercam 2

Hypercam is an application to record the screen quite flexible, and that also offers excellent functionalities always maintaining an ease of use and simplicity that make it a tool suitable for all those novice users who are looking for an application to begin to take its first steps in the PC screen recording.

Applications to record the PC screenAmong the features of Hypercam 2 are the possibility to select between a specific part of the screen or the full screen, choose the number of frames per minutes to which the recording of the screen will be performed and the possibility of recording the video choosing the Type of codec. Hypercam 2 is completely free and is available for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows.

If you wish, you can download Hypercam 2 for free by clicking on this link.

Screen Recorder Apowersoft

The first thing that catches the attention of Apowesoft Screen Recorder is that it is an application to record the screen of the PC online, however also offers the possibility to download a desktop version with the same possibilities as the web-based version.

Applications to record the PC screen

Apowersoft is a really powerful application, full of features and options designed to make the job of recording the PC screen much easier . Like other applications to record the screen of its type, Apowersoft allows us to select to record a part of the screen or the full screen, or choose as sound source to capture the microphone or internal audio, but add others that does not offer The competition, such as the ability to select the resolution in which the video will be recorded between 720p or 1080p.

In this same sense, we can also choose the aspect ratio, which can be 4: 3 or 16: 9, which will allow us to make a good presentation that suits the type of monitor in which it will be exposed.

One of the most interesting features of Apowersoft is that it allows us to include in the capture of the screen of the PC takes realized with a webcam, reason why we can leave us also in the video, if it requires it.


Other functions of Apowersoft are an integrated video converter, with which we can add text or geometric figures if you have to use an external video editor and the ability to capture the screen of Skype and other programs, among others.

If you wish you can access Apowersoft by clicking on this link. In case you want to download the desktop version, you can click on the button “Download Desktop Version”


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