The LG G4 is not a smartphone that goes unnoticed. The version with leather cover, in particular, elicited praise and criticism, but, above the choice of style, the LG smartphone launched in 2015 was distinguished by its excellent performance. Two years after its release, is it still worth it or is it time to look around looking for replacement?

LG G4: keep it for these characteristics …

The removable battery: a rarity

It is almost impossible to find a removable battery in the new smartphones in circulation. Even LG, who until now was swimming against the current, maintaining this characteristic in the G5, decided to retire it in the G6. Thanks to the rapid recharge technology, the removable battery is no longer as necessary as before, but it is still an optional feature that can be useful when you are out all day and do not have a plug by hand. On the other hand, despite the optimizations implemented by Google software in the new versions of Android, the battery life in the mobile world remains one of the worst enemies of users and researchers committed to the search for an alternative Worthy of lithium.

Underneath the leather case is a valuable removable battery.

A large QHD screen

While some of the latest flagship still aim at Full HD resolution (the Huawei P10 is one of them), the G4, already in 2015, offered 2560×1440 resulting pixels in 534 ppi. The 5.5-inch IPS LCD screen does justice to the display of photos and videos using DCI technology that offers natural and realistic colors. It also has good light and good viewing angles and with a specific application you can enjoy in your readings before bed of the night mode that are now offering the most recent flagship.

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A QHD screen that fulfills its role. 

A camera that still has something to say

The camera is one of the highlights of this smartphone and, if you have owned one for some time, you know very well what I mean. The main objective of 16MP with an aperture of f / 1.8 and sensor to color spectrum CSS ensures snapshots with natural colors and precise details. It also has manual mode to modify ISO, contrast, white balance, etc. DxOMark, an authority in this field, places him in eighth place with 83 points.

Okay, there are no real-time filters or ‘beauty effects’ on the G4 camera, but this also has a solution: there are very easy-to-find apps on the Play Store.

You will not have filters in real time, but the G4 photos are still acceptable. 

… or retire?

Forget Android

Launched with Android Lollipop, your LG G4 will not see the update to Android O. LG stated in March that Nougat  available for the LG G4 European in the second half of the year. Unless there is some change, therefore, Nougat should hit the smartphone in late June, but this will be the latest official version of Android for the G4.

Android O (reo) will remain a dream for the G4. 

No fingerprint reader

The fingerprint reader is becoming a feature virtually taken for granted in new smartphones so that brands have begun to integrate it even in mid-low-end devices. The G4 does not have one: it is not an indispensable function and also in this case you can supply it with an application for it, although it is not the same thing.

In the G5 the fingerprint reader is in the housing itself. 

A processor that is not state of the art

It is true that Snapdragon 808 is not one of the last processors released and will not be the last one, nor was it even when the G4 became official. LG in fact prefers to stay away from the Snapdragon 810 which had gone several overheating problems. Snapdragon 808, with its two Cortex A57 cores running at 2.5 GHz, manages to ensure good performance, but obviously can not keep up with the chips integrated into the new high-end devices (such as Snapdragon 835 or Kirin 960 ) Accompanied mostly by 4 GB of RAM.

LG G4: and then what do we do?

If you already have an LG G4 that still works without exasperating delays and you get to use it daily without major problems, then keep it. The new flagship, no doubt, are better equipped, look more attractive designer and integrate new technologies and interesting features but that is something completely normal. Year after year, mobile technology improves and brands do not do more can try to integrate some of those innovations into new devices. However useful or fascinating they may be, however, not all are essential.

If you are gamers, probably a smartphone with Snapdragon 835 is what you need, but if you use the G4 for less demanding games and send whatsapp and emails I assure you that you can postpone the search for a replacement. If you wait a few more months, you will be able to buy the top of the range recently presented (LG G6, Huawei P10Galaxy S8HTC U11, Sony Xperia XZ premium ) at a lower price.

If you need to replace your old Android and want to manage a respectable high-end device, which in a year is not obsolete, I advise you to point in another direction. The G4 today is still a good smartphone, but by 2018 will already have its years and considering that can be found on Amazon at a price of around 300$, which is not little, I would lean for a Galaxy A5 2017 or an Honor 8, for example.

And you, what do you think of the G4? Would you still buy it yet?


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