As we are in raining season while it’s  just around the corner in some countries, Totto has achieved a perfect balance between aesthetic and practical with its new range of backpacks

Totto, the multinational specialist in backpacks, suitcases, clothes and accessories, has made available to all types of travelers the ideal solution for their summer breaks. Design, quality and innovation, are present in each of their backpacks, which also feature additional functions and a very competitive price.

Brum Specialized Backpack (60L)

This practical backpack adapts completely to each body, as it has an ergonomic and padded back, adjustable straps and a lumbar belt to better distribute the weight, which helps to reduce the pressure and numbness of some parts of the body.

In addition, it is available in different sizes and comes ready for rain situations, thanks to the included cover and its waterproof main zipper. All these characteristics are joined to its numerous compartments, making it a very versatile model.

The Totto Specialized Brum backpack has a price of 89.99 euros.


Totto Music Pack

Nanda Specialized Backpack (50L)

For those who prefer to reduce luggage a bit and are even more practical, this backpack is the perfect choice. Although it is a little smaller and less deep than the previous model, it has the same benefits in terms of adapting to each body, with ergonomic backrest, adjustable straps and rain cover. However, it replaces its interior space by a useful cover and several hooksto hang any garment.

The Totley Specialized Nanda backpack is priced at 74.99 euros.

Rimo Specialized Backpack (45L)

For all those who want to travel with the least baggage, Totto proposes the Rimo Specialized Backpack, which has adjustable straps, audio output and drink supply cable. It also has two side mesh pockets and ergonomic handles that, together with the Airflow system on the back, make it a good alternative for sports, excursions or camping in the open air.

The Rimo Totto Specialized backpack has a price of 59.99 euros.

Totto Music Pack Backpack

Do you want to enjoy music anywhere? The Totto Music Pack is characterized by incorporating a powerful loudspeaker that is synchronized via bluetooth with any compatible device. In addition, it has an ergonomic back with airflow, a special compartment to carry the PC, a side pocket for the water bottle and a soft section to store and protect the sunglasses.

The Totto Music Pack backpack is priced at 84.99 euros.

Hybrid Backpack

If you plan to get on a plane, the Hybrid Backpack will surely give you control. With itseasy-to-open compartment to pass any security scanner, these holidays will save you space and time in the long lines of the airport. It also has straps and ergonomic backrest, a multifunctional internal organizer and numerous pockets to carry with you everything you need.

The Totto Hybrid backpack has a price of 69.99 euros.


Totto Burbank 2.0

Burbank Backpack 2.0

This backpack – one of our favorites – allows you to stay connected wherever you are, thanks to its removable battery with plugins to charge different devices and a solar panel also removable to capture the energy from the sun.

The Totto Burbank 2.0 backpack has a price of 149.99 euros.

Multisport Backpack

Totto’s Mutisport model offers all the amenities you need: removable shoe bag, special coolant for food and drink, internal pocket for your toiletries and safety lock so you do not have to worry about anything during the holidays. In addition, it has a lumbar belt that becomes a belt, allowing you to carry your most important items when it comes to sports.

The Totto Multisport backpack has a price of 69.99 euros.


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