Yamaha’s Relit LSX-70 loudspeaker lets you enjoy wireless audio and adjustable illumination with six levels of intensity

This system, which belongs to the Yamaha Relit family, stands out for being equipped with bluetooth 2.0 technology, which makes possible its wireless connection with multiple compatible sound sources at a distance of up to 10 meters.But what really makes this speaker special is the possibility of getting the most suitable light environment at any time thanks to a lamp located at the top and formed by LEDs adjustable up to six different intensities.

A speaker with a light or a lamp with music?Yamaha-Relit-LSX-70

Especially designed to enjoy music in any corner of the house, the Yamaha Relit LSX-70 is designed with a 9.4 cm cylindrical body, as simple to handle as it is to carry. It has two speakers located at the top and bottom of the unit, 55 cm and 14 cm respectively, capable of delivering 360 degree sound .

To this is added a perfect balance between the volume of the audio and the equalization , which allows you to be unconcerned at all times of possible peaks when listening to a melody, even at very high levels of volume. Also highlights its rechargeable battery, which provides good autonomy, and a synthetic leather coating with finishes in three shades: champagne, bronze and black.

During the summer, the Yamaha Relit LSX-70 is available for promotion at a price of 149 euros (its actual cost is 300 euros).

More information on the Yamaha website .


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