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About us

What is it ?

Wesharethis is a community dedicated to Linux,  standards-based web design, including W3C standards, CSS style sheets, HTML, and Web accessibility in general.

The Wesharethis universe is organized around three universes: a set of courses and tutorials (“Learning”), a community space containing a discussion forum (“Forum”), and a job search service (“Employment”).

If you are new or lost on the site, do not hesitate to consult the Sitemap, which is a general summary of all the contents present.

Some content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 (CC By-SA 3.0 US)  license. Refer to the legal notice for details.


Through numerous practical examples and concrete cases, Wesharethis proposes to you to discover all the possibilities offered by the Linux, web design to standards, CSS style sheets, accessibility, PHP, JavaScript, etc.

This universe is divided into several sections:

  • News : all news from the web and standards
  • Tutorials, articles and tricks : concrete learning, step by step and the main topics
  • Tools : Useful toolkit
  • Books : resources reference books
  • Quiz : to test your knowledge


The Wesharethis Forum exclusively dedicated to W3C standards brings together a very active community around topics such as CSS, HTML, semantics, accessibility for people with disabilities, etc.

The forum universe also includes all the community activities of Wesharethis: competitions, play quizzes.


The Employment Service proposed by Wesharethis brings together the players in the professional world by remaining in the general spirit of the site, ie resolutely dedicated to offers and requests related to web standards. This specificity makes it possible to target its research in the world of web design to standards.

Accessibility Policy

Display Size

The content texts of Wesharethis have a relative font size, ie enlargeable as needed.

To change the text display size:

  • With various browsers: Ctrl+mouse wheel
  • Internet Explorer: Go to View >> Text Size and choose.
  • Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Chrome: do Ctrl+to enlarge and Ctrl-to decrease.

Aids to navigation

Avoidance links

From the start of the document, these links allow you to go directly to the desired part: content, general menu, search engine, etc.without having to go through unwanted information.

These links facilitate the access to the site for the disabled and especially the blind: they allow them to place themselves directly in the desired place.

Tab navigation

Press Tab and repeat until you have selected the desired link, pressEnter

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