Frequently asked questions

What is Wesharethis?

Wesharethis is a community built purposely to share and learn about web developing, programming, how to and other things you can find on our homepage. The portal consists of a magazine, products area and a community with forum. In the section of News you will find the latest information on programming , wordpress, and their tips and tricks.  In our Products section we analyze softwares and hardware to guide you on which one to go for, their pros and cons.  In our forum you will always find an active debate, as well as the answer to your doubts.

You can read more about us on our About us page.

Are you a Free Business Directory?

Yes, membership is and will be free.

I forgot my password.

You have the possibility to request a new password in login page. Go to the Login page, under the “Login” button you will see the “Forgot your password?” Option.

I have not received a password.

If you have not received a password by email, you may not yet have activated the account or have not registered with Wesharethis.

My password is invalid.

Please make sure there are no spaces or similar characters and you have entered the password manually, not with copy + paste.

How can I change my password / email address?

To change your password or your email address, go to the Wesharethis home page, log in and click on “Settings” in your profile. There you will find the option of password and e-mail to be able to change it.

How do I cancel my account at Wesharethis?

You can cancel your account from “Settings” and then “delete my user account”.

How can I unsubscribe from the Newsletter?

Just click on the text link at the bottom of the newsletter.

For developers / writers

What other opportunities does Wesharethis offer me?

You are given free access to publish tutorials/guides which might be helpful to the world. And also free opportunity to share your courses all for free and much more.

How can I publish my tutorial / guides?

Simply register if you haven’t before or login  and go to homepage, kindly scroll to the bottom and click on add new blog topic to do so.

My post is not listed yet, What I can do?

Our database is regularly updated, but a new post may not be immediately listed in our database… Because your post will go under review to protect our policy and yours.

For more information… Send us a mail at info@wesharethis.com

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