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  • Improve the loading of your website

    Internet connection is not reliable. In the web industry we are used to having a fiber optic throughput. But this is not the case for your users. Do not forget that in a mobility situation the access can quickly become complicated with 3G / edge, poor quality wifi or even a telephone package almost Internet. In this article […]

  • Coding more effectively with Sublime Text

    If I remember correctly, the first  software I used to “develop” a website was Frontpage. All those of the pre-ADSL generation have surely started or known this publisher. Since I tried a lot of different applications to code, text editors or IDEs, and the list is long: Frontpage Dreamweaver Notepad ++ gedit Vi Eclipse Zend Studio […]


    Yarn is a relatively new dependency manager, is open source and was created by members of Facebook and Google, its main feature is the speed. HOW DO YARN WORK?, WHAT MAKES IT SO INTERESTING? It is very difficult not to compare Yarn with the cli of npm, so let’s look at some features of Yarn: 1. Yarn caches all packets […]


    In this article, we will learn how to use Gulp.js to improve and speed up our workflow by developing and trying to understand how it works. WHAT IS GULP.JS? Gulp.js is a build system that allows you to automate common development tasks such as minification of JavaScript code, browser reloading, image compression, code syntax validation […]

  • Tencent Continues To Take Over Mobile Gaming

    If you’re even a casual mobile gamer you’re probably familiar with the name “Tencent” by now. The Chinese holding company has made a massive splash in the world of mobile gaming by gobbling up some of the biggest developers and most popular games. Now it’s looking like the company is ready to do it again […]

  • How to upload images to github from the console

    One of the needs we have daily is to store our photos in a repository, now github in a repository system widely used by the community, in  How to upload images to github from the console , we will teach you to store images in github and The URL is returned to us so we can access […]

  • Elixir, functional programming for all

    Functional programming is fashionable. More and more languages ​​are adopting this paradigm, but more importantly, developers are adopting more and more languages ​​of this type. Scala, F #, Clojure and other old rockers like Erlang or Haskell start to be on the lips of many of the programmers of the sector. One of the new […]