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  • 101 indispensable commands under linux

    Here is an article that will be completed as I discovered. It condenses a little more than a hundred commands that it is useful to know under Linux, whether on a desktop / laptop or a server, keep them at hand, they will always be useful! Keep in mind that this post can in no way replace […]

  • How to make corrupted usb jump drives work again Windows

    There you are, at your friend’s house. All we are gathered around the computer to watch a funny video. But then something happens. A virus appears and gives the digital bird. “No problem,” you say, “Since I’m a geek, I have antivirus software on my USB stick.” Now you are the hero. Now you and […]

  • How to decrypt files

    There is no doubt that one of the most dreaded viruses with which we can infect our computer are malware called ransomware, a type of malicious application that is able to block access to our documents by encrypting them until we do not pay A rescue with which to unlock the contents of the kidnapped computer. This type of […]