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  • Windows Movie Maker

    Pros: Edit Videos Capture images and sound Supports numerous formats Diversity of effects Intuitive interface and easy to use Does not consume many system resources Cons: Special users might find it limited Windows Movie Makerย is the video editor for Windows that carries the signature of Microsoft, but what is even more important, it is an […]

  • 4 Ways to speed up your pc linux

    Is the Linux configuration not as fast as you would like? This is how to speed it up. Many computer users who deal with Linux do so because they have been told that the operating system is much more customizable and uses less system resources. However, despite installing Linux on a computer and harvesting those […]

  • How to work with linux partitions from windows

    Are you using dual boot windows and linux? If you do, then you are probably familiar with the different file systems that both operating systems use and the difficulty in transferring files between the two. Although most modern Linux operating systems can read and write to Windows file systems (NTFS and FAT / FAT32), Windows […]

  • How to make corrupted usb jump drives work again Windows

    There you are, at your friend’s house. All we are gathered around the computer to watch a funny video. But then something happens. A virus appears and gives the digital bird. “No problem,” you say, “Since I’m a geek, I have antivirus software on my USB stick.” Now you are the hero. Now you and […]